Unique VAS

What are some good VAs to join possibly. I was looking but I want to try something besides the big ones and maybe try a smaller less known airline with some fun routes! Does anyone have recommendations?


Global Airtours is fun

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BAVA and DLVA are cool. This topic going to get closed do to advertising VA and VO’s

Really up to you! :)

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Find a list of VA’s here:


I saw those, but I was looking to join something a little smaller.

By small do you mean like a VA with a small fleet and not many members. There are some VO’s that offer this that can be fun, the fun part comes up to you though. BAVA would be a good choice but it’s not small like you have mentioned. @anon79257371 listed a very helpful link, the IFVARB website that can help you find what your looking for.


Something that doesn’t have a ton of members so that it’s easy to get to know everyone!

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That pretty much removes DLVA, AAVA, and BAVA.

Interesting, there are some out there, just like the planets in the unknown region. Not many though I can tell you that. I think us members have done our part. The rest is up to you to find the perfect one. Good luck.

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There’s Aloha Virtual and jetBlue Virtual that are pretty small and spectacular!

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Oo maybe I’ll check out JetBlue. My home airport is LGB so I see them fly out a lot. Is Aloha kind of like Hawaiian virtual? Hawaiian flies out of LGB as well!


Aloha is Hawaiian


Aloha Virtual uses the Hawaiian liveries, but for copyright reasons, the name of the VA is not Hawaiian Virtual

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Infinite Flight General Aviation Club (IFGAC) is a good one.

Civil Air Patrol VO (CAPVO) is another great one.

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Korean is good from my experience. I haven’t flown Volaris but they seem good…

I haven’t flown for them, but Nonstop Virtual (based of Lufthansa) is a really good one.

Thank you to everyone who has commented! This community has been so amazing in my short time here


By avoiding the big ones you are skipping some of the best! Just because they are big doesn’t mean they aren’t welcoming, or because they are small that it is a better community.

I would think of how you like to fly, and where you want to fly, and what you want to fly!

For example:

Southwest is an excellent airline, but if you like flying Airbus they are not the best choice as they are Boeing focused!

Or you have airlines like Cathay Pacific that have a heavy emphasis in the Asian continent, so they may not be the best choice if your passion is flying South American routes or Africa.

Finally do you want a more casual or hardcore approach? Do you want to fly with people that just want to have fun or those who want to constantly improve their aviation skills?

There are VAs for everyone! And if you don’t like the one you joined, go for the next.

If you are truly looking for new airlines with a homely feeling, consider some of the great new arrivals like Aloha Virtual or Japan Virtual both great new airlines.

But please consider your Timezone and preferred area of travel.


So many choices