Unique to Airport 3D Animations

With the introduction of amazing airport buildings, jetbridges, vehicles on the ramp, etc, all of us are thinking about what our favorite airports would look like in Infinite Flight! Wouldn’t it be awesome to see airports like Dallas(KDFW), Orlando(KMCO), and Las Vegas(KLAS) with their airport trains or people movers as some call them. Wouldn’t it be cool to see coastal airports with palm tree that blow in the wind, or airports like Vancouver(YVR) to have pine trees, and speaking of natural environments in airports, places like Orlando(MCO) have trains that go over lakes with trees around them to get to the four satellite terminals. I know I would love to see unique to airport effects when I’m taxiing to the gate!

(Please note I’m an American, so I best know North American airports.)

Dallas Fort Worth International Airport SkyLink Train Network
The DFW airport in Dallas, Texas in the United States is an amazing, massive airport that has a people mover system to get passengers from terminal to terminal, and the bright orange trains, and stations are prominently displayed over the ramp for every plane to see.


Orlando International Airport Trains and Environment
The MCO airport in Orlando, Florida in the United States is known for its theme park like design with an entire ecosystem of lakes, and trees between the satellites and the hub terminal with trains connecting each section. It would be cool to see the animations of the trains, and lifelike effects of the airports ecosystem.


In Conclusion
This would be a welcomed feature to the Infinite Flight family. This could be a step towards fully animated airports in the future! Please comment your ideas for unique to airport effects!

That’s a great idea, unfortunately i have no more votes.


Find some!!! Jk it’s all good!

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Imagine Kuala Lumpur, Chicago O hare, or Los angles intl having this all!

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I know right! It would be incredible! I’m loving the new building effects. Opened up a whole to world of possibilities!

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21.1 3D buildings are all going to start!

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Imagine storing your plane anything from the size of a C172 to a A380 in a hangar! Maybe even have covered tie downs.

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When you pick where you spawn whether it says a hanger, tie and covered tie down, that serves a footprint where the 3D buildings (and) (or) animations will be placed.

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That’s a nice idea!

That will only be possible once project metal comes out, as it is based off the winds.

The “people mover” idea is quite nice, as I do not think project metal is required since you can just animate it randomly. However, this will most likely be released later, after animated jetbridges.

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That’s a brilliant idea!


I would certainly enjoy seeing the air train tracks (and maybe trains themselves!?) modeled in future 3D airports! I don’t see any immediate issue - would just be another object attached to the terminals I would assume

Would love to see it but I’m afraid my device would be suffering.

Being from Dallas I definitely want the sky train

I can’t imagine DFW without the Skytrain it is one of the most visible parts if DFW and I would be amazing to have it in IF

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On IF’s YT, they released a sneak peek of Animated Jetbridges Woohoo!

For now I dont think they will animate vehicles

animating vehicles and objects might negatively impact FPS

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Yeah man that’s so cool, also cheering people on TNCM beach, road traffic movements on final, etc.

Once our general mobile devices could handle airport animations to handle our flights, i.e. follow cars, catering trucks, realistic fuel and pushback procedures (the up and coming jet bridges will pave this road) and nobody’s devices will blow up I think we’ll have that option to add unique airport 3D animations and I can’t wait for all of these to come true!

Let’s hope Mobile version of Moore’s Law will tailwind this near future developments to push it before 2023 ends! (so hopeful🤤)

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Maybe they will add it in mid 2022 or later

This is a wonderful idea! Sadly, I don’t have votes atm