Unique planes you have seen flying

Hello guys what is a unique plane you behave seen flying through the sky?

I saw a Piaggio Avanti (I live in Arkansas in the US, so not a common sighting for that region). I also saw a low flying glider over my house.

I think the Transavia 737 Peter Pan livery…


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Woah nice.

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And also (this isn’t me tho) my dad saw Air Force One flying over our house.

Oh duh. Thanks.

I’ve seen an AN-124 at cruising altitude during 9th grade PE and I did nothing but stare at it. Could even hear the Progress D-34s humming from down here. What a unique sound.


Oh man cool.

I’ve seen this a couple of times (Operating for GOL, leased from Transavia)

I’ve seen the Boeing Dreamlifter fly over my house.

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I’ve seen a few Spitfires when I was younger

Same Nate. Many times. Quite recently I heard an Illyushin IL-76 too. They usually land in my home airport, Shannon in Ireland to use it as a refuelling spot before crossing the Atlantic Sea. Mostly from Eastern Europe.

I have also managed to catch one myself out of interest. I’d wish to get a spotting camera myself. 😁

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I’ve flown on the Aer Lingus IRFU livery and retro livery

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I’ve seen (and flown) the Ford Tri-Motor.

I’ve also seen:

  • Stinson Model A
  • P-51 Mustang
  • A6M2 Zero
  • DC-3/C-47
  • F7F
  • B-17
  • B-29
  • B-25
    All these were seen at Airventure Oshkosh and the Warbirds Over Monroe airshows.

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