Unique Facts about Emirates' A380-800

As 26 March, 86 Emirates A380s have been flying into 6 Populated continents in all over the world. This video provided some unique facts regarding their A380’s life and provided some info you wouldnt ever guessed before 😊


Surprising that Emirates fly an A380 for only a 1 hour flight. Must be a busy route!


I see Emirates, I see A380, I click faster than concorde can takeoff


Oh its so Busy! More than 30 flights per day t.o from Dubai to Kuwait and they still need more

The flight hold mostly Kuwaitis that visit Dubai, they only need ID card without passport

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Yeah it was amazing to fly on the a380 Its My best aircraft i Have ever flown with i get happy by just thinking about emirates a380 and i got to visit the flight deck Love emirates.


Only 40% are GCC people the remaining are Indians and English and some American and Aussies. I have flown it many times so i know.

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