Unique, beautiful locations for my Infinite Flight Creations?

Hey guys!

If you’ve seen some of my Infinite Flight Creations, you’ll know that I like a good song with a really fast tempo, and I usually match my videos to that.

However, my next video will likely be different. I would like it to look like the videos below, but I’m going to use a variety of different liveries and locations.

Can you please tell me of the most unique and beautiful looking places you’ve seen in Infinite Flight? Thanks!

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In my opinion: Hawaii, Japan, Seattle, Swiss Alps, Australia, Fiji, New Zealand, Singapore, St. Maarten, Hong-Kong, Spain - Portugal, Carribean


That could make a whole video! Thanks!

don’t forget Greece!!!


The Alps (especially the Swiss ones but the whole region is simply a stunner)!


Some stunning scenery, is at Cannes and all along the Himalayas!

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Thank you guys for the suggestions!

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