Unique Around the world journey

Having gotten my inspiration from others on here with their unique ideas, I’m going to try something on a whim.

I will be departing my home airport of KGPI flying an aircraft within IF on an actual route flown from each subsequent airport. For instance, my first leg will be a UAL CRJ2 to DEN, which is an actual type used from KGPI to KDEN. When I land at DEN, I will thumb through FR24 and pick my next leg. Only aircraft that are actually used on that leg of the journey and that are in IF will be used. I am also going to try and only use one aircraft in the livery ONCE as I circumnavigate the globe eastbound. I’m also going to try and keep the legs short except for red eyes to get some sleep.

Throughout the journey, I’ll post what flights I decided on using. And since I will be using the actual callsign for the flight, there will be no way to track me ;-) I think this should be fun, if not challenging.

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First leg done, with second in progress. I plan on getting one more in before the “redeye” for sleep.

FCA-DEN SKW5652 CRJ2 (United colors)
DEN-MSY FFT478 A321 in progress

I’ll wake up tomorrow to see what’s next,

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FCA is a dope airport!


I have to say that since the developers have put so much into this app, I changed my mind from going to just the big airports where everyone always flies. So instead of doing MCO-BIKF, I went south to explore 6 of 7 continents on my way 'round.

MCO-PTY DAL2009 B739
MAO-GRU TAM4785 B773

My plan is to cross the “water” overnight to Luanda and find those unusual use of large aircraft on my way to Europe.