Unique Airport Features We Would Love To See

Hello community,
This idea was inspired by @Louis

Here, you can post any unique airport features you would love to see put into the game. For example, I would love to see piers before runways 28R and 28L at KSFO.

What would you guys like to see?

Do not include 3D buildings as the Devs are already aware of that request



This is what the #features category is for.

You just made a feature request for this

You have already made a feature request. Why post this again?

I am making a list of other things people would like to see.

To have others make theirs for specific airports but that can be done on the future request. No need to make a whole different topic.

Still, this goes in #features.

I think it would be nice for the editing team to have all of the requests in one thread

That should be on the future request not here.

I don’t think this is something people should vote for. It is just a list.

A list about what things should be added.

Doesn’t that seem like a topic for the #features section?

I’m going to ask a mod. I’ll change it if they say I should.

The question is, do we really need a list of features the community would like to see in a single topic? Like you have the full list by browsing through the #features Category.


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There are other ideas from people that they haven’t posted in #features. It would also be nice to have it in one thread.

That’s literally the purpose of #features

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But that’s the point of the #features section.

Why would you want to put all features in one place when you can make/vote for individual requests/topics?

I contacted a mod, they will know which category to put it in

No category - we already have an entire category for this as others mentioned :)