Unique A350 Engine Sound

I agree with @KBUF and i wanted to try to mention “Massive Engine Sound Overhaul” but i couldn’t success.

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I guess you don’t fly the TBM or the A-10 but it has been a pretty long time since IF devs add personalised sounds to respective aircrafts.

They have gear tilt? I didn’t read anything about it


I’ll do two long hauls on the A350 soon. I’ll check the sound, but in my memory, it stands out as very silent from the cabin.

Would be cool to see a more realistic engine sound. Considering the a350 is going to be the ultimate aircraft of IF! it would add to the realism!

Cant picture infinite flight not adding the unique A350 engine sounds

yes they are going to make it

Hello pilots. As the 772 shows, it’s real to add real engine sounds for a particular aircraft. Let’s force our desires in this topic, I do believe the A359 well deserves such feature as well.

The sound of the engine and sudden transition to full breacking is so satisfiyng. They need to add this to the A350 as well.