Unique A350 Engine Sound

Instead of that overly common 737 engine sound which is far under powering for a larger aircraft such as the a350 it would extremely noice if the a350 was given a deeper/louder sound of the heavy rolls Royce

Cabin: https://youtu.be/MKtPlj932YY


This might happen, we don’t know yet but apparently the A350 will be designed in a different way.


Maybe not unique but it’s own sound, like the TBM for example.


Although this would be nice, I think that it is easier to get real life sounds from a GA aircraft than an airliner, it would be extremely hard for them but let’s see what happens as time progresses.


Great idea to notice. Like literally. Just imagine Infinite Flight launches its own trailer with this loud hook of its engines, just roaring off as it takes off the runway.

Here is just a video of an engine “spool up”. This doesn’t seem usual for me, as I have never heard an engine spool up of an Airbus A350 before. But that would just be amazing little feature to have for the development. 😉

Ran out of votes unfortunately.


That sounds like a knackered old Lada being flogged down the M1.


I hope they update the sound for the A350-release! That would be great

In Aviation This Sound Is Like A Music For Pilots.👩‍✈️


i think there is 60% the team would do a special sound for those XWB engines
because they will do interior and a lot of details (like gear tilt)

I can listen to this sound whole day 😍

I’d love to have something similar like this In Infinite flight!


Grammar mistake:
A350 has its own unique sound.


Sounds like an old Chevy with a real bad engine knock.

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The cockpit windows on the A350 are bizarre, as I dont see why they felt compelled to make them black. It looks as if the aircraft is wearing an eye mask or something.

Definitely because my understanding is that they where gonna add the one on the tbm

It would be cool just hearing the engine rev up watching other players use it, it would be louder then the generic sound thats on every jet

Why does the a350 sound like music in my ears!

Oh myyy… it’s soo nice!

Oh come on! 777 sounds very nice too. This is not prettiest engine sound ever created. This comment below exactly says what it sounds like :D


Sounds like a beast!

I flew twice on the A350 2 weeks ago. It was verrry quiet.


I think there needs to be new engine sounds regardless for all the planes in the fleet. That’s something I am willing to pay extra for