Unintended acrobatics

I have 4 violations due to acrobatics over an airport. What actually happened was I was flying the a-10. I was attempting to land but I was coming in too fast. I bounced and stalled out and did a weird flip. Is there anyway to get rid of the violations?

Unfortunately, your violations will not be removed.

An important part of being a responsible pilot is having control of your aircraft at all times. Don’t worry too much about the violations; we’ve all gotten them and have all lived through them :)


Thank you.

I will say the system is not perfect. I had 2 violations for a flight that was 0 seconds. I only spawned and left. I had 4 in a 787 flight that was 14 seconds, I took off and then had to end the flight as the baby woke up too early. 6 violations for 14 seconds of flight is an issue. Keep screen shots of your final end flights to help the Mods sort through the bugs and bad flying,.

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They should be able to remove violations if it was a bug :/


It wasn’t a bug. I lost control of the plane over an airport and it did some acrobatics.

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Oh i was talking about @Cian_O_Sullivan

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