Uninstall Unused Aircrafts

When you have live, it automatically downloads all the aircrafts and for some of them, all the liveries as well. This takes up a large amount of space especially for something you don’t use.

This feature would allow for us to manage what aircrafts we want to download and the ones we know we don’t use. For example, I always fly with the 737-8 but yet I have the entire Bombardier fleet ingame installed and I have not used it once since it came out. I always have to clear scenery cache or delete valuable replay files for more space because more and more aircrafts are downloaded.

This has resulted in the app going from taking 1.03 GB to 6.98 GB.

Nice idea! I might clear a vote! Also, if you want vote for your own request!


Thank you!

Let me free a vote for this, 3GB just for this currently… I already asked by email if we add the option…
Btw it would be nice to get it and it’s obviously needed.

I’m tired of unstalling the app then intsalling it every 2 days. And to readd all the options I want.


Honestly it’s such a minor addition i don’t even think it’s worth a vote if we just voice our opinions here

There’s plenty of minor additions that are posted as features and get no support but that doesn’t mean we should be quiet about it. Many of the posts that go unnoticed are brought back up for reference in the future when others want the same thing to be added.

I think my post is the same

I’m talking about aircrafts and fleets that have been downloaded in whole, not liveries alone. I just included liveries to show what else is a result of auto download.

Yeah that’s kinda the downside of #features . Only the big ticket items get voted for, because there’s a limit on votes. Minor changes like this, would be a huge help, but never get any votes

I think - I may be 1000% wrong - that everything needs to be downloaded so you can see it in live. Kind of like how when your sub expires you can’t watch them on replay if they are outside the free regions because you don’t have access to the data for the scenery and planes. Great idea though and if they can do it may help performance issues by eliminating unused parts of the app

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This should be included!

I’m tired of clearing data of IF (I loose the replays, because of this, I know, I can share the replays, but I’m lazy and it’s quite difficult ), because IF take for me, between 500 MB - 1 GB, because we can’t uninstall aircraft that we don’t use for a long time!


I totally agree! Especially when you also never use the liveries that come with those aircrafts!