Uninstall Plane Feature

Hi Community!

Infinite Flight is really big and everyone knows that!
But you also want to play with your favorite plane and you dont have to much space because the size is to big?

You don’t want to fly with another plane but you cant uninstall it!
You need to uninstall whole infinite Flight and install the planes with you really fly.

This would be my idea!

A X on the left where you click uninstall plane.

I hope infinite Flight is adding that or they Support Sd cards :)

Why don’t you just clear cache in the storage files of the app Infinite Flight and when you go back to Infinite Flight, you download the planes you want.

I don’t see a reason for this feature to be added right now. Maybe in the future though.


The problem that comes with this is that all of the other traffic around you in live doesn’t appear to your screen.

Now for solo, this may work…

Good Feature Request Though


Hi @SpotterAhmed. I cant tell if your post its good or bad, but I want to add my opinion about your feauture request. You must always keep in mind that if you havent download all the planes(or even some of them) it would render other aircrafts invisible for you on the servers and could end up in “collisions” and similar situations.That may cause problems when you are flying in busy airspaces and as a result you risk being ghosted from expert server(for taxing through others)!!


@Thomas_G True, you can be doing your taxi when you find a plane that’s uninstalled and is invisible in which you can be ghosted for taxiing through them.

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Because its to annoying and you lost to much time because of this…
Everytime to go to the settings clear the cache and install the planes again.

Thank you :)
Glad you like it!

Because of this theres a Tail Name above the plane.
And you can see them if there is a player or not :)

Yes but you cant judge the distance between you and him. And if you hit another airplane or pass your aircraft nose through it, you will get ghosted

Do it like your driving a car
2 - 4 M free space…

Ok. I am telling you that because its too risky calculating with your eyes the safe distance between you and another ac, especially when airports are crowded.

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Ummm, duhhh, clearing cache doesn’t clear airplanes. Clearing data does but u have to then reinstall all aircraft. And futhermore, when flying u won’t see other planes if they aren’t downloaded.

Look how much space i have because of this (background downloads).
Only 1,50 GB…

And i cant use my SD Card :(

It’s not like you would do it everyday though.

I just sayed that :)

And this happens when you can’t do that

Are you sure about that? I can’t experiment to check your statement as I don’t have access to multiplayer at the moment but I know that (at least a few months ago it was definitely true) you could actually see airplanes that you haven’t downloaded yet because the server was streaming them to your device. Maybe this has changed though and I might be wrong.

Hello @Thomasgravanis. You cant see the planes that you havent download.It had happened to me but I wasnt sure if it waw because I havent downloaded all the planes.I think though that I have seen something same in a Schyllbergs post. @schyllberg sorry for tagging you. Is it true that if you havent download all the planes, those you have not download, are invisible??

Yes. It’s hard to see what you don’t have ;)