Uninstall Aircraft(for apple)

I wish there was an option to uninstall aircraft so you don’t have to give away precious data to aircraft you don’t use…

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No use

If you delete the thing, it will still be in your background.

If you deleted that completely, you will never get that plane/region back

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He says something like Steam: you uninstall the game but keep it in your library. It would be the same here.

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He mentioned data use…

Incorrect info…

Yeah like what @Swordfish said…

I meant like device data not mobile data…

Because each aircraft occupies storage space.

He wants to uninstall to remove the files. You could do this manually by going to the data directory and deleting it. The app will then just ask you to download it if you ever want it again.


I don’t have steam, so I don’t get it :/

Wait for apple devices too?

No idea. Definitely for Android (may need root access). You need to be able to browse to the app data directory.

That would be risky. Touch something you shouldn’t, bye bye IF.

Nah, I’ve done it. No problem. Worst case is you have to reinstall the app.

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But if you fly in Live, doesn’t the app automatically download the planes/liveries that others are flying when you get close to them?

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Okay lemme specifically request it for apple…

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