Uniform Livery Request Format

Okay guys, so we constantly have people requesting liveries for different aircrafts and we continue to get more and more that have already been requested. I dont know if this idea has been talked about already but here goes.

We have a uniform way of listing IF events, why not have a uniform way of requesting liveries. Ive seen topics that are duplicates because people didnt type out boeing or the request just had B767 or A320.

This is my thinking
“Airline”(“Specialty if needed”) Livery “Airline Manufacturer” “Aircraft”-“Size/Designation”

British Airline Livery Boeing 777-200ER
JetBlue Jets Livery Airbus 321

I think having a uniform livery request format will greatly decrease the number of duplicate topics and increase the likelihood of someone finding the livery they want to request, if it has already been requested.


I agree they system currently in lace needs to be changed I ended up making 2 duplicate topics as a result of not typing the exact thing as the topic already made it took 4 combinations to find the one that I had made a duplicate off, the fact is its nearly impossible to find something so I get why people can end up making duplicates. I now feel really bad like I have broken all the guidlines for making a duplicate yet alone 2 😔

Great idea. This would also reduce the workload for mods.

agree with this solution. Would def help mods and others !

only suggestion is that I would put the aircraft type first, then the airline / livery


B787-8 British Airways

I sometimes post like this:

(Fill Airline) (Fill Special Livery if applicable) (Fill Model) - (Fill Registration)

Great idea! Maybe if they want they could include more keywords in their topics like “B772; B777-200ER; Boeing 777-200ER” in the description to help the topics to come up when searched.

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(full airline name) (aircraft builder) (full model LNNN-NNN)

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Sounds good. This will certainly help end the duplicate requests because someone doesn’t type a title the same one another does.

“British Airways Boeing 737-400” format sounds perfect.

(The second example provided by the OP)

I don’t know if the livery part is needed but I’ll comply if that becomes the norm.

The only issue I see is that diff. people were write a designation differently such as ERJ-190 as opposed to E-190 or MD90 versus MD-90. Best that can be done here is to eliminate the use of aircraft codes since there’s nothing that can be done to change the different ways people denote any aircraft.


Don’t put “Livery” in there!!!
(if it’s not a special one)

There has been a discussion between some regulars and we came to the conclusion that putting “livery” in there is absolutely useless, since it’s obvious when posted in #features

The standard way how to do this is “Lufthansa (Airbus) A321” or “United Boeing 787-8”

I wouldn’t put ‘livery’ in. For example ‘Qantas Boeing 747-200’ would be fine. But not ‘Qantas B747-200’ or ‘Qantas Livery…’.

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