Unidentified user stalking and trying to crash into you in a non-ATC zone

Want to ask you, what can we do with users on expert server, whom not tied their IFC in IF, and want to crash in you in flight in no-ATC zone?
Because today one unidentified pilot spoiled game to me and @Fat_Albert_512, flying to close to him. (we made patterns in UUEE). So hi retired with no punishment, And maube will do tha same in future.


Hey mate,

Unfortunately if you are not at a controlled airport there isn’t much that can be done unless a supervisor, moderator or staff member is present to issue a report whilst not controlling. Supervisors must see a reportable offence occur with their own eyes however before issuing a report as a pilot towards another user.

Also what server was this on? If this was on the Training Server, then a lot of times users use the server for exactly that… training. I know it may ruin your experience but sometimes you do also come across trolls on the Training Server as they aren’t able to be reported by ATC so they feel like they can get away with trolling other users. However that is 1% of users, and the majority use the training server to enhance their skills and prepare themselves for the expert server.

However, if it is a blatant trolling attempt feel free to reach out to a moderator and they can deem what action would be appropriate in the situation.

Take care!

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Was it this



Yes I was there too, was interesting and he did not use Unicom and taxi over grass and enter runway


it was on expert)

In that case, if it is a blatant attempt at trolling and trying to ruin your experience, you should send a PM to the moderators and they will deem what action is necessary, if any.

Sorry that you had to experience this.

I have replay, is it enough?

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yeah. wait, u was here?)) I didn’t saw)

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Usually there isn’t much that can be done after the fact, but I can not speak on behalf of the moderation team.

Your best bet, as mentioned above is to reach out to the moderators and discuss with them. They will decide if they are going to take any action and will resolve the situation.

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I was not there @kit_v_kapushone

I was trying to help @Yasin_S

okkkk, oh, i see, it is Yasin’s screenshot

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Thanks a lot


Yes it is @kit_v_kapushone

No worries mate, glad I could help you out.


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