Unidentified Blue Flying Object

Hi Community,

Background - Why I Chose This Flight
As you know, Infinite Flight has quite a lot of underrated or forgotten aircraft liveries. Planes like the DC10/MD11 family, Airbus A330, Boeing 787 and CRJ family were once favorites and most used aircraft, but with newer aircraft being added or updated having live cockpits and (some) cabins, the focus gradually shifted away from the others, especially after 19.4. Not much love was shown for the older reworked aircraft.

It’s true that some of them might not be in top condition, but that doesn’t mean it stops us from flying interesting routes. Especially routes that are flown by rare or even defunct airlines. It’s definitely no fun even if you fly New York to London every week using the new Delta 777, even though it has a live cockpit. The main problem, in all servers, is a lack of variety. Infinite Flight has 800+ aircraft/livery combos and the whole world, why not try some of the interesting ones out?

All that, is because, my flight today is almost never flown by anybody, and that how a defunct airline doesn’t stop us from keep flying its interesting and very underrated routes. The plane, a Mexicana Link CRJ200, is in my opinion, highly unknown by the community. So you can see why the title was written that way.

Also, I tried my hand at editing using Lightroom today. For the first time. So I am more than happy if any of you gives me feedback on how I can even do it better!

Interesting Flight Information

Server: Training, as never had been
Time: Whoever guesses it correctly in seconds as a unit gets a cookie
Route: MMSD - MMPR
Aircraft: MexicanaLink CRJ200

Well, since Los Cabos doesn’t allow photography on the ground as @Robertine said, I did it on the airstairs. Haha. Nope, it’s just the angle. It’s not gonna break the aircraft pencil record.

V1, Rotating out of SJD as Martha pulls hard on the controls.
Sorry, there’s no Pepsi on all our planes. Laura, our boss, took it away.

No offence, America, but I think Mexico looks as good.

snowglobe, cheese, whatever that is

Seaview Saturday vibes

Sea blue + islands = perfect
CRJ + crosswind landing = not gonna be good

What seems to be Sam Chui filming the approach and making a huge tripreport on YouTube about it

For the first time in history, a CRJ-200 is about to grease the landing.

Spreading the butter on Runway 04 at -75000fpm

One last view of this beautiful bird as we are being bussed to the terminal. If the airport says no photo taking on the ground, no problem. I am doing it on the bus. Don’t sue me for it.

I hope you enjoyed it, and have got to know a highly unknown livery in IF! It surely deserves much more love from the community.

I am in no way, sponsored by or affiliated with Sam Chui or Los Cabos Airport.

Bye and of course, happy flying!!


What was my landing VS?

  • -75000fpm
  • -7500fpm
  • -750fpm
  • -170fpm
  • -75fpm
  • -7.5fpm

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@Stellar_G if you think so

you said

so, the only true option is -75000 fpm


Didn’t you spot the irony?
I guess you played along… haha

I did lol, nice photos

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The CRJ family is mighty fun to fly, great job. 👍🏼


Okay, the real V/S was -75fpm. No jokes.

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Don’t be embarrassed! 75,000 Rate is completely “realistic”. 🙃


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not irony 100

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OMG I loved the moonshot, as well as ur tone😂lol
and also Sam Chui photo is sooo great, just as the same as his camera

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@Robertine you should have loved the first and last ones… Thanks for telling me no photography is allowed

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sad 777 noises

It looks fantastic, and ALWAYS will be

Great shots!

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Thank you very much
I spent 3-4 hours on Lightroom because of this
Nice to see it paid off!


Do you agree with my opinion though, about the liveries?

When I was a kid, I used to fly with Mexicana, it was sad to see it go down. I appreciate the fact that you gave an opportunity to this livery. Pretty nice shots btw

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Wow this shot is wallpaper worthy 😍😍

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Yes, it is mostly forgotten. Defunct airlines doesn’t mean they don’t exist anymore in IF. The
good thing about Infinite Flight is, even an airline retired a plane IRL, you can still fly it. Though many people don’t think of it like that…

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Lovely Screenshots! Keep up the fantastic work!