Unicom Usage

IFATC Education Group blog post by Suhas J

You’re never truly alone in the Infinite Flight skies, so communication is essential, especially at uncontrolled airfields. This is where Unicom comes in handy.

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Great post. Way too many people don’t/don’t know how to use unicom. Make sure to be like Gary!


Great post and excellent example by GHamsz. Even when some of the pilots don’t like to follow traffic rules it at least enhance realism ingame drastically. For own flights and for others. Thx for sharing.


I have a question: generally if I’m entirely alone for arriving I announce (1) inbound, (2) on final, and (3) clear of all runways (also crossing runway if applicable while taxiing to gate). And for departing I announce (1) taxing to runway (and crossing runway when applicable) and (2) taking off. If there’s a lot of traffic and I find it necessary I mention position such as downwind, base etc as needed to help others. Is this a good usage of unicom? Should I announce downwind, base etc. even when I’m entirely alone?

You can, if you wish, but what you’re already doing is great. Typically if I’m inbound or flying a pattern and my flight plan/path brings me onto a very clear pattern leg, I’ll go ahead and announce it since I might as well do so. Reporting those positions are mostly just icing on the cake, but it never hurts to do so!

Ok good to know. Sometimes I feel like it annoys other pilots when I clutter the Unicom with my downwind, base and other positioning calls. But maybe that’s just me thinking that😂

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Not at all! Being extra cautious is nothing to be concerned about, keep up what you’re doing.


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