Unicom to Tower Controlled

<I was thrown out of my flight tonight. I was next in line for takeoff when Tower announced to was offline. I proceed with a Unicom announcement for takeoff on runway 10. During my takeoff roll ATC comes back and immediately announces that I’m in a controlled airspace. I proceed with my takeoff and then get bounced. What’s the proper procedure here? Throw on full brakes and reversers? I’m not seeing a violation on my stats yet.>

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When you say you got bounced, did the app close? Or did a message pop up? Or were you just taken back to the menu?


I think he maybe got reported by IFATC/that controller

He wasn’t reported, seems like he’s referring to a crash.


If you were on expert server, controllers are told to let aircraft go when they’re either mid-way taking off (accelerating) or very short final. Just proceed to takeoff if you’re already mid-way doing so.


FYI: No violation was issued. Just checked. 🙂


When I say bounced I mean kicked off/ghosted by ATC.

According to your profile, you weren’t reported by ATC. Are you sure your app didn’t crash?

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