Unicom then ATC

I was just on approach to South West Florida under Unicom then on final ATC logged in and was asking my intentions when I’m about to land. Then you have to quickly respond before they host you. You almost have to go around or else risk crashing . Come on ATC lighten up look at the Unicom .My call name is rolltide in the expert server.


I may be wrong but I don’t think ATC cant see Unicom messages from before they logged on . To be honest unless you are literally 2 NM away you should quite easily be able to quickly send a message. I understand how annoying it is but it is not a very serious issue to be honest.


ATC was probably an Auburn fan 😂


Wrong, as atc we can not see Unicom messages. However , if we start a session and an aircraft is on short final or taking off we will let them go.


If you have an issue with the controller then just PM him directly.


Apologies it was a typo and I changed it some minutes ago. I understand what you mean though


What are you talking about?

What airport I’ll remind everyone.

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Thanks everyone, it didn’t bother me all that much, just been ghosted for no fault of my on a few times. And ROLL TIDE ROLL. Dabo played at Bama, so it’s all in the family.


There must be a point where ATC starts controlling. Unicom is always hectic and a little disorganized, no matter which server. I’d rather have IFATC take over and a go-around issues then them taking 15 minutes for everybody to land.

It’s one thing when it was an airport that had controllers, controllers left, airport is slammed and a new controller starts. When it’s a dead airport and i’m on short final and the controller logs on there is no need to ask intentions, i’ll either land and you give me an exit command or i’ll do a tng and then you can ask intentions. JMO though


Nobody will ghost you if you are on final and no ATC controller was present up until that point. Just relax… continue your inbound and try replying to ATC about your intentions as soon as possible.


Just do the best you can. If you can’t do it safely go around :)

Sounds like my kind of guy. #WDE

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If I log on and someone is on final I ask intentions only to see if they are landing or on touch and go. Even if you didn’t respond, I wouldn’t ghost.

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3 important steps,

  1. Aviate
  2. Navigate
  3. Communicate

If you are 1,5 nm away from the runway then your intentions are pretty clear. Why would ATC ask you? Just clear them to land.

was this on TS1

You didn’t read. Land or touch and go?

(Again, though, if they don’t have time to respond, no problem.)

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Unfortunately I was ghosted coming into Augusta Georgia on approach asking my intentions a couple of weeks ago so it does happen

Augusta, GA?