Unicom - thank you, I'm sorry

Sometimes I miss the ability to thank a fellow Pilot in a Unicom situation.
Would it be good to add ‘I’m sorry’ and ‘thank you’ to the list for Unicom?


Some might argue it’s unnecessary or people might abuse it, but I could see it’s uses.

I suggested this a while ago… Got a very negative response from others.

I think it would be nice to have as long as you don’t add any additional misc messages that could be aggressive. “Thank you” and “I’m sorry” are just friendly so I don’t see any problem for this

I agree would love to do this but do a direct thank you to the pilot like THANK you Speedbird 7777
Your welcome Speedbird 8888


Thank you and I’m sorry maybe, but definitely not Your Welcome, as it is people abuse or spam “your welcome” whenever they have to hold short for a long-ish amount of time, in my opinion even with ATC “your welcome” should only be allowed to be used after ATC says “thank you”.

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Other messages I sometimes wish I had are:

Thanks for cutting in line - I was not in any hurry anyway
Thanks for entering the runway 30 sec before my landing
Thanks for entering the runway from the wrong side; see you in the middle somewhere.

Possible related ‘Sorry’ messages could be:
Sorry for being in your way
Sorry for landing on top of your aircraft - hope you’re ok

Ah well, maybe it is good we don’t have those. It would not bring out the best in us I think… ;-)


Lol, the aircraft should have not lined up

I’m laughing so badly now