Unicom showing instead of ATC Tower...

Sorry for whoever was just running Sochi Tower, but as I approached the only thing showing was Unicom, not the tower…very strange. Anyone else experience this? I could hear the request but couldn’t respond…

I cant believe your post has been here for 13 hours, without any response. Wow!

So this was for URSS airport, correct? And you verified there indeed was a Tower ATC present by clicking in the airport? Did you see the actual name of the controller? And what happened then? Did you keep flying and got Tower in the end? Or did you land on Unicom?

Yesterday I flew to UUWW and I got Unicom on my list, well before I saw Tower. I kept flying and after a while ATIS and Tower turned up, and I was able to contact Tower. Later I hear from the controller that others had reported a similar issue.


Thanks for responding. I didn’t check the controller name, but I had taken off from URSS about 20 minutes earlier and decided to turn around and fly back as I had a meeting to get to. After the third request to contact tower I thought I would be ghosted so rather than take a chance I ended the flight…

Was this in the training or the expert server?

Also, the range of the tower, ground and approach frequencies were reduced to make them more realistic so time around the global update. Maybe you weren’t close enough to the airspace to be able to contact tower.

But if he’s being on guarded, he should be within the tower’s airspace. What time did this occur, we may be able to track down the controller?

as @azeeuwnl pointed out. its known issue and suppose have been forwarded to fds. and its happening at many regions not just urss. i would recommend fly bit closer to about 15-20nm from airport and see if you can check tower. and even after that if you dont see continue inbound. most controller on expert know this issue and would not ghost you until you interfere with other traffic. just follow the flow of traffic. and if its too busy recommend divert to nearby airport. but if it happens to you get some screenshots and more info on this issue. that might help fds identify the issue faster. :)

Thanks for the responses. Sounds like a known issue

Do you know how far you were from the airport?
Tower is able to send you the on-guard message even if you’re out of their range.
Heck, I’ve even had Ground on-guard me when I was cruising at 38,000 ft! (TS1 of course)

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