Unicom Repeat Glitch

Hi there IFC.

So, me and a few people are at CYYZ getting ready to depart, and the unicom keeps repeating “Toronto Lester Unicom is using RWY 06R, Right Traffic.”

I know this isn’t normal, but I cant upload a video as it won’t allow me too, but if you spawn in at CYYZ on Training Server, you may be able to hear what I’m talking about.

Thanks, guys!

I got nuthin’ on my end. Probably a small local bug. Can you try restarting and seeing if it repeats for you?

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Sounds like someone messing around (spamming) to me…

That would be the only other option that I would think of.

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We thought that too, but it didn’t say anyone’s callsign in it

You can see who’s sending the traffic advisories as their data tag will flash orange.

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Did anyone who encountered this see someone blinking constantly?

Yes, and it was ACVA166.

Then I think it would be safe to assume that this individual was simply spamming the frequency for the purpose of trolling. If you know who he is, you should politely have a discussion with him to let him know the proper usage of this advisory. Please be kind if you end up speaking to him about this. If you don’t know who they are, don’t sweat it. Its best to just set the example. 🙂


If you find out that this is really a bug/glitch please message myself or another moderator and we’ll gladly reopen this for further investigation.