UNICOM Frequency to top of Frequency List (flight plan)

Not sure if this has already been mentioned. I tried to do a search for this but could not find it.

When flying into some airports and you have your flight plan ending at the airport with the airport as the last WP, sometimes there are so many small airports in the area that its hard to find the airport you are flying into. Maybe when we could have the airport selected as the final destination, the frequency (UNICOM in this case) shows up at the top of the list like when open ATC does when someone has an airport open. This would save some time when we go to search for the UNICOM for our arrival airport.

Other Ideas from other IFC members:

  1. Another option/ variant for something like this would be to have the Unicom show up on the map to tune into like it would if there was active ATC. They would both work well though :)

Thank you for the consideration.

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I think this is a great idea because it is painfully annoying trying to find the airport when there are so many around the airport. Flying into my favorites of DFW, DAL and ATL, there’s so many small airports around that it makes it a pain to find


Used my last vote on this. Some areas in the US have a ton of uncontrolled airports and my destination sometimes gets buried until it’s a little late to be calling in.

Another option/ variant for something like this would be to have the Unicom show up on the map to tune into like it would if there was active ATC. They would both work well though :)


I added your to the main Post @rileymoyer


Much needed and would make the flying experience smoother.

Great idea, indeed always difficult to find!

On the map are you able to hide uncontrolled airports? If so, try that and see if that reduces the list maybe?

Great idea! Wouldn’t go for the map idea but your idea is great. As mentioned flying into ATL or somewhere in Florida makes it difficult to find your Unicom frequency, and it’s even harder when your hand flying!

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@Gonzo I always have uncontrolled airports turned off. Either way I am talking about uncontrolled airports (UNICOM frequency), so that would not help apregardless. I’m not talking about controlled airports.

I think this is a good idea. To be honest this doesn’t look like it would be to hard to implement to. I could be wrong, I’m not a dev.

I can definately relate
Those regional airports around JFK or ATL can be a pain as your destination is in a sea of frequencies.
I often select the wrong one and it’s kind of annoying
Definately considering a vote,I also think it would not be too hard to add

No problem, was merely making a suggestion. Wasn’t sure if that worked or not.

EDIT: Had this open for awhile and didn’t see the previous response recommending the same thing… hopefully the visual is still helpful

If we can’t force it to the top based on the flight plan, a nice alternative would be adding the unicom frequency to the airport information tab where the live ATC frequencies appear (see picture below).

For the past 2 years I have always kept my vote on this, can’t think of many better quality of life features that could be added other than this. It can really suck when you’re trying to tweak your flight a ton as you are on your approach to the airport and you have to scramble for your unicom frequency buried under a hundred other ones which keeps you from monitoring the most crucial stage of your flight for a good 15-30 seconds.

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Bringing this Feature request back into the limelight, it is a must.

We all know how hard it can be trying to find the correct Unicom frequency to tune into to when trying to land at an airport surrounded by other airports. Case and point: many U.S. airports. There are a plethora of small, municipal airports across the United States, and it can be hard trying to scroll through them all trying to find the correct airport to contact.

The idea is if you have a destination airport set in your flight plan, when in range, the same airport’s frequency will either appear in bold, in the first position in the frequencies list, or in a different colour to the others. This minor change will allow for easy access to the correct frequency without having to scroll through the frequencies list for 20-30 seconds.