Unicom Error

Hey I was doing a long haul from YSSY back to KLAX on Expert with the Qantas A380. I announced my inbound for landing and everything went normal until I announced my final. I was going to report final but when I did it it never showed up on frequency. Here’s and example.
I only tried it twice. IF latest version. The video of it is on an iPad mini 5 and it also doesn’t work on the iPhone XR.

There was some sort of connection issue roughly 1 hour ago, can you spawn in any airport and update us if it still doesn’t show up for you?

Ok let me do a quick pattern

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It works now

There was an issue for a couple of US service providers (cellular). T-Mobile, Sprint and Dish Network if I’m not mistaken. We were not affected. Users using these networks were of course though.

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I use AT&T but I was in WiFi so I don’t think that was it. This topic may now be closed