UNICOM Does Not Switch When Leaving Starting Airport

i am new to IF but I have already done numerous flights and landings both in solo and Live. When using UNICOM to taxi and takeoff, everything works fine, but when I get near the destination airport, UNICOM is still on the airport I left. What do I do to get the destination airport UNICOM?.

Go in the ‘back’ option and see the frequency you want to switch to.

You need to manually switch, press the back button (arrow) on the Unicom and it shows a list of nearby unicom (or ATC if available)

When you click the ATC (headset) button, at the top, there will be an option that says ‘Back’ and click it. Then there will be a list of unicoms if you are within 25 nautical miles of the airport, so you can just select your airport.


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