Unicom ATC

I have an idea for a feature where if an ATC leaves the game, and the frequency switches to Unicom, then there will be a computer ATC that gives out only the most important commands such as

Cleared to Taxi(to any runway)

Cleared for Takeoff(in any direction)

Cleared to Land(ILS or GPS)

Hold short

This is just so that airports do not become crazy after the switch to Unicom.
In PG, airports with 10+ airplanes have been switched to Unicom. Then, too many incidents happen.


This destroys the whole idea of Unicom.

Unicom is a communication between pilots kind of.


it would be like PG

What when their is ATC actually active

I think for a computer on a mobile base it’s not yet possible to recognize and evaluate such complex mechanisms.

Is the runway clear of planes?
Is there a plane on final?
Will the plane still be able to take off before the other plane lands?

A human with common sense can controll an airspace or airport, but no computer.


Haha well said

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