Unicom/ATC/iOS 12

After downloading ios12, when making first comms transmission, there is no audio of the taxi request. However, the dialogue appears at the top of the screen.
If the taxi request is repeated, the audio is present.
All subsequent transmissions are normal.
This has occurred on 6 flights/expert server. After 4th flight, IF reinstalled without solution.
Device: iPhone 7. Voice Daniel

Is your ringer off, because I know I don’t hear messages if my ringer is off, and I’m on an iPhone.

Sorry, I thought you lost voices after the update. This appears to be something different.

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It works perfectly except for first (initial) transmission of the flight.

Just to test something out. Does anything change if you select a different voice and try again?

Will try that and advise.

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I deleted my first post because I misread your descriptions of the issue. I the deleted post I noted that you may have to download certain voices again. Not sure if this is a by-product if updating to iOS 12 and the issue you are having with IF.

If you go to Settings → General → Accessibility-> Speech you can download new voices and some that possibly aren’t showing in IF’s voice settings anymore.


Just tried Samantha. Changed both the voice in iOS settings and IF.
Problem disappeared, so maybe I just need to pick a new voice. Thanks!
Go ahead and close this ticket, just keep it in mind in case someone else has issue.

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Shoot me a PM if you have more trouble. Have a good night 😊

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