Unicom and crashing

Ever since I learned to create a flight plan, been crashing a lot on approach. While trying to manage Unicom. Seems specific to the 777. I usually fly the 757, n I know the trip7 is a bigger plane. Was jus curious if if a lot of other people jus starting out had the same prob?

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I haven’t had this problem. I usually use autopilot until I announce final or get landing clearance. That way the only time you will have to use ATC is for a go around or missed approach.
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What are you communicating to Unicom? You shouldn’t have to worry about Comms for long enough to lose control of your aircraft.

Jus the standard stuff. Taxi, take off and landing. Specifically landing. Like I said, this is all new to me, I didn’t know if using Unicom was required or if it was an option to use at your discretion. Haven’t had any encounters with atc at all though, still on casual, used ts1 once.

Def helped. Thx. Still workin on the autopilot, I know how to use it, n probably should use it more. I fly boeings, so, as far as I know I can’t push a button n jus land. I know the Airbus has that, lol…I think. Landing is the funniest and most challenging part of flying. Frustr8ng too. Especially in the 777. Thx.

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OK. Well the best way to get used to it, is by doing exactly what you are doing, So keep up the practise. Unicom is used when the tower isn’t manned. So your Comms to Unicom is to alert other planes at the airport or in the airspace surrounding the airport, of what your doing and what your intentions are. If there is no one around, then your essentially talking to a brick wall, but it’s still good practise.

Also when you come in for a landing make sure your at a reasonable height when coming in for landing . The red landing square boxes always help. I have been flying for about two years now and sometimes I use those landing aid boxes so I make sure I don’t mess up at all :) maybe get to a height of 1,500 to be on point and the landing aid boxes will guide you the way down :) oh and also make sure to calibrate your device when coming in for a landing to keep it stable. Which will balance your plane when your sending messages and not send you into a sink rate

Lol, yeah, I was thinking that too. Brick wall thing, I fly n smaller airports, n I’m like what the hell am I doin this 4? Cept to increase the probability of my ass crashing. I think I’ve got it pretty much understood now, like u said, if I don’t c ne traffic, I jus ignore it. Haven’t crashed once. Good advice. Thx🛫✈️🛬

May do that. I removed the training wheels a while ago(little red boxes), n so far I’ve done pretty well, with the exception of when I’m using unicom. The other prob is, I just about always use 2 fly the 757, still do, but have been usin the 777-3 lately, n idk y…lol. But the 777 is def harder for me to land. I know it’s the biggest twin engin around, I think, n it’s not very forgiving, like the 757 is. Good advice, I appreciate it🛫✈️🛬

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