UNI Air ATR-72-600


About UNI Air:

About the ATR-72 Family:

Why it should be added?

This livery looks very fresh and clean. We need this aircraft to fly domestic flights to beautiful islands surrounding Taiwan realistically.

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Flew on this plane a few years ago, and it was a very enjoyable flight. You’ve got my vote!


Nice livery, would be a great addition when ATR family will be added

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We have a post regarding adding ATR72 into IF, I have mentioned uni air too, pls add your vote to that topic. Thanks



First they must add first the plane to have the librery

I don’t have any votes left, so can’t vote for that.

If the ATR 72 family gets added, this livery would be a great addition.

Yes, we need this. The ATR 72 is UNI Air/EVA Air’s backbone of its domestic flights.

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Giving this a bump.