Unhappy with ATC at EGBB

I absolutely dislike ranting on forums as I feel it’s incredibly whingey and petty.
However I feel today, some of the ATC at EGBB was quite poor. My approach was fantastically structured and I was slipped into the pattern very well indeed. Big congrats there. However as soon as I was passed over to the tower, ‘Connor Duffy’ was incredibly patronising with his messages. Not 5 seconds with being on his frequency I receive a message telling me to look at tutorials with how to use the ATC. Then whilst on short final I receive a “maintain slowest practical speed”. I’m in a 787-8 fully laden, flaps full doing 135kts. How much slower do you want me to go?

Now I’m not some 13 year old flying on their mum’s iPad. I have 750hrs on IF and I fly gliders in real life so I like to think I’m somewhat aware of how to land a plane in IF. Just a bit insulted really.

Just feel like this is a bit amateur for the Expert Server. Someone feeling like they can be a bit superior to the pilots.

Rant over.


I would say to please reach out privately to the controller.


Controller has been notified and will contact you when done controlling.