Good evening, it’s dark at home I play in night mode because I have it in my eyes, It’s 3 times I take off my such mess and the second time I crash because of a calibration problem so I change location closer to the 34R runway and since it’s a new maintenance hangar I haven’t seen the taxiway and I have crossing because it looked like a parking lot where I could walk instead of pushback. Flight RJTT- LFPG cancelled.😑

Howdy! Please check your logbook to find the name of the controller.

PS: this annoys me because I play very seriously and I can not even go up quietly to 36.000 feet and make ghost.😕

Plus "Pushback approve, expect Runway 34R) for me I push back or advance and I go to 34R

Your controller is @Matt777

Feel free to reach out and discuss this. He will he notified.

Please contact the controller via PM. Let a moderator know if you need any further assistance. Cheers!