Unfortunately Infinite Flight has stopped

I’m newly buy from the Play Store.
When I’m trying to open the app, it’s show me a dark screen and shown a pop up with text “unfortunately Infinite Flight has stopped”

My phone is Asus Zenfone 2 ZE551ML with OS 6.0.1 MM

Have you restarted the app yet? Make sure you have cleared the cache so it wont crash. At the moment, You should try to delete unused applications/clear some running apps and see how’s the result

Btw, Nice to meet other Indonesian here 😊


It has an Intel Atom Chipset, which doesnt work so well with Infinite Flight. Hence you get the things you said


In addition to this great advice you should update your software to Android 7.0 Nougat if possible. In your case it may help.

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Hello, You are not alone, I have not been able to get past the authentication page through Facebook since yesterday. I have even been trying to upload screen shots to the community by my cell phone and I am unable to do so. It seems to be something going on with the system. There have been similar problems in the past under problems with authentication. But this seems to be far more ranging. Just want the developers to know.

Halo halo😁

I’ve do that all but sadly still wont run.

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But I’m still wondering how can my friends play it on Zenfone too

Sadly my Zenfone 2 is officialy no longer receive Nougat update lol. Except I’m use Custom ROM for Nougat.

These issues typically occur after updating to Android 6. This is a firmware issue that the manufacturer or cellphone service provider has not corrected. We are currently 100% dedicated to our new major development of Global Flight. If your manufacturer or carrier does not push a patch correcting their firmware bugs by our Global Flight release, we will evaluate the issue further and explore options to correct the issue from our end.

Sorry that you are experiencing this issue.