Unfit controller for expert server

I was for the first time ghosted for falling asleep since global and nav button is on infinite flight by a controller that goes by the name of ghost heavy. I never thought controllers would get this stupid just as his call name is. My only mistake was falling asleep when I reached 10000 ft so I wasn’t aware I was approaching my destination

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PM @GHOST_Heavy to discuss it.


I have notified the controller, and they will be contacting you shortly.

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You fell asleep, so it’s the controller’s fault?

I don’t think so kiddo, sounds like you’re the one that shouldn’t be on the expert server 🤨

Don’t call out a controller for your mistakes, when they have to deal with upwards of 20 other aircraft at the same time, they have to do what is quick and effective.


This has happened to me many times since global update but never ever a controller ghosted me for that reason because they have common sense, something that this controller totally lacks.

Can we please approach this with a cool head, no need for insults. At the end of the day this controller may do you a favour, less likely if you are being rude.


There is NO room on this forum for bad mouthing people. We have procedures to inquire about a report. Follow them!


PM if you would like to have a calm discussion about this. Thank you


Please don’t talk about our IFATC like this. They give up their free time to voluntarily provide an active air traffic service on the expert server.

Please continue the conversation with Ghost Heavy, do yourself a favour and talk to him in a more respective manner if you expect to make any progress with your complaint.

He has plenty of common sense, and is a qualified IFATC controller. No need to negatively call him out


Okay okay enough already. As great members already said there is a professional way to go about this. Please cool off and reconsider your position and tone and we’ll go from there. PM me tomorrow once things settle down! Have a good night, Chris