Unfairness in Distribution of Worked Airports


If you take a look at the airports in IF, majority of them lies in the West, namely the USA. While I do know that they have two airports in Africa, there are currently NONE in Asia, South America, and other areas.

Are there reasons why majority of the airports are concentrated in the States? Biased? Or are there any other reasons to prevent the airports in other areas from being worked on?

Do note that I am not accusing anyone or anything, and do not wish to find trouble, but I just found it weird that so many airports in the States have buildings, while other regions are neglected.

Just felt like pointing this out, peace out.


Hey there,

As stated by staff, there are more airports still on the way, and there are a few handpicked being released in the first version. I can assure you that other airports will be done and released as they hope to have the entire world done one day.


I’m sure there’s going to be at least a number of airports in each region, it just probably hasn’t been announced yet. The 21.1 Premiere premiering later would likely showcase some yet to be announced airports in other region. I also believe there’s more airports in the USA mainly because most of Infinite Flight pilots are based there.


Well, that’s what I hope too. Hopefully more airports come out before 21.1 release rather then the few that’s announced now.

You never know. There could be more underlying airports that haven’t been announced yet. We will just have to wait and see. Whatever happens, there will most definitely be more diversity with each update



They did promise an airport in South America. It’ll likely be SBGL, SPJC, SCEL, SKBO or SAEZ. I’m also forecasting an airport in Asia–probably VIDP, VABB, RPLL, ZBAA, ZSPD, RJTT, WSSS, WMKK, or WIII.

like Drummer said majority of the people are based in the US (and Europe) but somewhere I forgot where tho they said we will be getting at least one 3d airport from each region


The devs confirmed in the Q&A the other day there will be at least 1 airport in South America with buildings!


Maybe SBGR? @AvioesEJogos 👀👀

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It would have a lot to do with their statistics on which airports are more commonly used, but also with availability of data with which to create a 3D model from.

It’s possible they have been able to acquire 3D assets for North American airports from a 3rd party thus rendering the job a lot easier than trying to create such assets from scratch.

Just a thought:)

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Fair or unfair, in the end its their game. And the staff decides which airports will be released first. As mentioned above it wouldn´t be IF if they won´t satisfy the wishes of their community. But as you can imagine good things take their time to create. :)

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Come on people, have some sense

Why are you acting like you saw it all? The update isn’t even out yet

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Please look around before you interject with rude comments like these please. This information has all been correct. IF has released statements like these all over for the last few weeks. Little pieces of info have been shared on Instagram, The IFC, Twitch livestreams, and more.

And no the update is not out yet but we still know a fair bit of information about the details of it.


As for the distribution of the airports, the devs have had a focus on this for the last few updates. They’ve tried to get more African and other lessor flown areas the livery’s they deserve. Everything will be fine.

This may be a little bit of speculation, but I’d imagine that there would be at least one airport in all of the new IFATC regions. Everything comes in due time! 😊

Infinite flight confirmed recently on their Instagram Q&A that their will be a 3D South American airport

I’m gonna agree with Drummer. If they did every airport, then this update would’ve been out by 2022. Who knows, but I think for now let’s just be grateful for what we have now.

Guys, why is everyone being almost negative, if they don’t they don’t. It’s not like the world will explode. so just be grateful for all the airports that we have right now