Unfairly Reported

Hello! I was flying earlier today, and was in a flight of two, and I was about 6 nautical miles out on approach to KDEN, and my flight of two (Who was doing air traffic control calls) was on short final. We were cleared to land runway 16L, so we were doing so. Another 737 comes in and cuts me off. ATC tells me to go around, and I click the “reply button” ready to go around. Right as Im clicking it, I get a report for “Failure to go around” by IFATC-BAVA jackrs5.
There are two things wrong with this. First, I received a violation for failure going around when I hit the button one second late, and second the air traffic control let another 737 cut off our flight of two and me landing.

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Please contact @jackrs5 directly.

Contact the controller via the username Thomas provided. Add myself or another moderator to the PM if you wish. Thanks!