Unfairly reported

Hello so when I was flying I was about to land I have requested and I was cleared no go arounds but I don’t know why I got reported for…

Perhaps because you called inbound a second time after being instructed to enter left downwind?

Here is the proof that I got reported

Okay so you need to follow the traffic on left base. Doesn’t mean your no-1

Dm the controller he will clear it up for you

Nope I was doing okay…

@Jose_gil is the controller, please message him to resolve the matter.


I got no warning whatsoever

Dude, you clearly requested to land a different runway after being told to enter the pattern. You were then reported for it following the sequence, which you did not.

I was going left downwind for 27l

Pm the controller. He probably knows better than I do. @Jose_gil

Thanks for the help folks.