Unfair Violations

I just got ghosted for doing aerobatics near an airport.
I went inverted and received the warning and stopped. I then proceeded to attempt to land but I got ghosted

What can I do to fix this?

Was this a ghost from an IFATC controller or a violation? If it was a violation, you just have to wait a week. If it was a ghost, you can appeal, although this seems like one that would be justified. 🙂


Atc don’t like it when you do tricks near an airport because this will distract them from the traffic

It doesnt actually ghost you, just gives you a vio and removes you from the server. Assuming its an aerobatics violation

But 5 vios is a system ghost

Just realized he stopped after the warning, so it was probably just one violation that was reported.

Automated aerobatics reports only remove you from the session and give you one violation afaik.

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It was 1 aerobatic violation from what I can see. The violation is usually generated by a combination of a few factors such as:

  • Excessive pitch
  • Excessive bank angle
  • Excessive speed
  • Excessive G-Factor
  • Within the airspace of an airport

Mix one or more of these together and a violation is generated.

If we wish to perform airshows or other awesome stunts, it would be best that those are done on the Casual Server. Violations do not exist on that server and you can fly as freely as you wish. But on the Training and Expert Server, pilots are expected to be learning/polishing up their piloting skill or flying according to real world rules and procedures.

Open areas such as deserts, lakes, oceans and any other bodies of nothingness would be appropriate to practice your TopGun skills. But at and within the vicinity of airports is a no go on Training and Expert Servers.


Well said, gotta love that casual server!

Yeah I’ve had warnings and then even a violation for turning to tightly in a touch and go pattern with the F-14. Really Td me off. Lol.

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Did you read this:

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