Unfair Violations

Um, so I followed atc orders and i now i got a violation, although I had no choice. The atc’s name is Pascal Kern. My friend told me that someone can remove this unfair violation. Can someone please help me


Its a shame but its life man. Just wait for them to expire.

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A violation can’t be removed and doesn’t have to do with ATC.
But, if you got ghosted by an ATC, it can be removed in some cases.

Please explain the situation you got a violation in for us to see why it was an unfair violation.


Was the server PG or Adv? If it was PG, don’t sweat it. Many controllers there don’t know proper instructions. If it was Adv, then @Tyler_Shelton can hook you up with the controller via PM to discuss it over. Just remember to provide a screenshot of your ATC log detailing what happened


it was playground

Were you reported (ghosted) or did you get a violation?

It was a violation

Ok, if it was PG then unfortunately, you’re unlikely to track the controller down.

(Moved to live as a result)

Violations occur in PG when other players report you or when you break some rule in the system, ATC cannot report you.

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Ok thank you.

No problem :)

Violations can’t be removed, but they don’t influence you actually.
You might fall in your grade, but it will be back to where you were in a few days.
Until then, you can still easily use and enjoy your live subscription.


What was your violation for though?Overspeeding, Acrobatic maneuvers

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My violation was for speeding, although atc told me to speed up to 270kts

What was the altitude?

Did they say maitain best forward speed or speed up to 270 kn

well then that was your mistake.


9,500 ft was my altitude

10000 is the range where you get to choose a higher speed

THey said speed up to 270kts

I know, but why would he tell me to do that in that altitude?