Unfair violations MD-11F

Landing an MD-11F I received three unfair punishments saying that I was above 250 kias below 10000ft. but that’s not true I was between 240/230 and when I received the first alert I reduced it to 210 and even then he punished me two more times. just missing the engines, I do not know what the real reason, I had no violation in the simulator … this was very discouraging. unfortunately I did not do any printscreen. what explanation for this? :(

Is this similar to the topic posted here?

And take a read here: Violation Removal
If you can prove that it was an unfair violation I am sure they can be removed.


If you can reproduce the issue and reply back here with the instructions (or a video, which is prefered) that would be awesome!

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There needs to be clarification here.

I’ve had issues slowing these beasts as well. The problem is when you say “I was at 240”, I presume you mean your AP setting was 240 knots.

Speaking from experience, you need to watch the actual speed, which can climb if you’re not careful, depending on decent rate or other factors.

Absent a screenshot of your actual IAS.being 240 when you received the violation (and taking a screenshot in that situation would be your first instinct), I would presume your actual speed crept above your set speed, in which case, the violations are working as designed.

In these aircraft, if you’re heavyish and descend at 1800 or something, your speed will creep up. It’s happened to me (except I was actually watching and corrected.) AP setting is not actual IAS.

Here, again, if by “reduced to 210” you mean “set [your] AP to 210”, it takes time for the aircraft to actually reduce to that setting, and if you’re already admittedly in a state where you were gaining speed due to factors other than application of throttle (see: gravity), then you could have set it to 0 and you would have remained above 250 in actual IAS if you didn’t pitch up or do something else to correct the speed.

There is no “he” to punish you. It’s code. If altitude < 10000 and IAS > 250 knots, then TRUE. It can’t arbitrarily have it in for you. There isn’t a “he” to assign punishment. Only cold, non-sentient coding.