Unfair Violations due to device freeze

Just now i was flying to WSSS ad was on approach just above FL100 at 260kts however my game froze and therefore i did not have the chance to slow down and when it unfroze i had 4 violations and was down to grade 2 from grade 4 therefore ended the flight straight away. Is there anything that can be done to remove these violations. I have been told that i need proof this happened however how am i meant to prove a device freeze as i have looked through the replay and it does not appear to freeze, however i was with someone at the time and will go to the lengths of having a witness prove it as this has rally affected my day.
Any little helps are appreciated.

PM any moderator to appeal violations.

What violation did you receive? If you were above 10k going 260 you should have been fine.

i was crossing through to below 10k but at the initial freeze i was above 10k and came back below with 4 violations

@Chris_S would you like me to PM you

Will investigate via PM.