Unfair Violations and Glitch

This has happened twice where my airplane will crash when I’m doing a long haul and I’m now grade two. The glitch that happens is that I don’t gain distance towards my destination. Is there any chance I can have these violations removed?

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Hey, could you elaborate on the issue where you don’t gain distance to you destination, do you take off, get to cruise and don’t make any progress towards your destination ?

Also, I’m not sure if violations can be removed, but to my knowledge after a week you can get back to grade 3 again :)

The first time it happens was on the 28th and I was doing a flight to SCEL and I reached cruise altitude without issue and I waited a bit before going to bed. The flight was from KATL and we were over Florida when I went to bed. When I woke up it said I crashed and had gotten two violations and when I looked at the replay I had been flying for almost 9 hours but I was still over Florida. I haven’t look at my other flight but I’m assuming it’s the same thing. I hope this helps

Hmm, I really don’t know never heard of that before. Perhaps you didn’t pack enough fuel. If you did then we will have to wait for someone else to reply, I don’t know anything about this issue :)

Maybe watch your replay, you might see what happened

No I did have enough fuel. Both flights I had at least and hour of extra fuel

Ok, well the only thing I can suggest it to watch the replay

I just looked and the same thing happened but sooner into the flight

I think you might have had strong winds en route & it’s making you burn more fuel? Or you’re too heavy. Did you step climb?

Did you miss a waypoint in your fpl and went in circles over Florida?


I wasn’t too heavy, I wasn’t even close to needing to use max throttle to get up to my final cruise in one shot. No, I don’t believe I missed a waypoint

Ok. You can share your replay with us and we can try to figure it out

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How do I do that

Is there any chance that these violations get removed?

I don’t think so 🤔

Check this:

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Here’s the tutorial on how to share a replay


Message @appeals with your replay.