Unfair reporting?

I was recently in an expert server on infinite flight. The scheduled flight was from KSFO-KLAX. I was cleared for pushback, taxi and to cross runway 1L and 1R. There was an aircraft in front of me that was acting quite suspiciously, he started accelerating then hitting the brakes. I decided to keep my distance with the other aircraft as I thought he would result me getting a report, in which he did. Myself and the other aircraft (in front of me) were both taxiing to the same runway, as we were getting closer to the runway, we were getting closer to each other. We were about at least another 30 seconds of taxiing when he hit the brakes. As I was taxiing at around 20kts, I had to take action to try and slow the aircraft down to reduce the chances of both of our aircrafts colliding which was unsuccessful. This then I was followed by a message on my screen stating that I was reported. I find this extremely unfair as I feel that the other aircraft was trying to get myslef reported as he was acting inhumanly. Any help would be appreciated, kind regards Luke.

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Please look at your logbook for the controller’s name, and then contact that person.


He cant PM yet…He is not TL1

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So the controller will PM him.

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Hey guys, thanks for helping. The controllers username is phoenix591, if any of you could possibly get in contact with him would be much appreciated! Luke.

Looks like it’s @Phoenix591 . He will get notified and will contact you shortly.

Thank you :)

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