Unfair Report

Hello, hope all is well! I was flying on the expert server today and I was ghosted for interfering with other aircraft. I am a relatively new pilot, and I can’t understand what I did wrong. I would appreciate any help. Here is the flight reply and summary.

After taking off I tried to climb quickly to get to 3000 for an ILS approach, at which point I was ghosted. I didn’t see any other aircraft on the map in yellow/red.

(My initial taxi wasn’t perfect, I realize now that I was looking at airspeed on the ground instead of ground speed which is why I kept going to fast. My finger must have changed the widget that was displaying ground speed to air speed.)

I would appreciate any help! Thank you and stay safe.


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G’day Robert!

Do you know who your controller was by any chance?

They’ll be able to best explain the situation out to you and provide some tips & advice to further your skills in future scenarios :)


Adding onto what Luke said above, if you don’t know who the controller is go into your log book and click the flight with the report. It will give you the controllers name. If you share the name it’ll help us identity who the controller is so we can get them in contact with you. :)


Did this happen to be at KSFO?

Thank you for you replies, I believe the controllers name was: IFATC IPP NJ24. Thanks again!

@NJ24 was your controller. He has been notified and will contact you.

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Controller notified.