Unfair Report

I was flying into Manchester when I received a very unfair report. I understand that it was very busy and I had flown a very long approach for about an hour. I was finally on final when tower told me to switch to approach. I followed these instructions and checked in with approach. I did not receive a reply and about a minute later I was reported. I don’t know what I could have done as I hadn’t received any instructions. Is it possible to overturn an report cause I’m off of school cause of coronavirus so it would be really nice to be able to fly on the expert server.

For starters can you look in your logbook and tell us the name of the controller? Or once you find them you are at a high enough TL to PM anyways so take it from there.

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You are TL1, so are able to PM controler!

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The controller was IPP NJ24

Yep send a PM :)