Unfair report

Hi, earlier today I was taxing at KMIA with a heavy Cargo A330 and I was told by Ground ATC to taxi and take off ro runway 8L, a short runway, I taxied there and holded short runway 8L, tried asking a change of runway but were denied this and asked to follow instructions, then while with Brakes on and holding short runway 8L asked frequency change ro tower. I wasnt awnserd but insted Ghosted and reported for entering runway without permission, this is unfair because I didnt touch the runway and were a good dice stant apart, also I could have crashed while takng off with a widebody heavy aircraft in a short runway. I hope you could fix this, It happnd today June 29 at about 6:00pm East coast time.**

Who was the controller? Check your logbook to find out.

I’m also confused as to why you waited to request a different runway until you were holding short of RWY 8L.

I’m just going to say this. When they say American 1111 taxi to rw 8l and contact tower when ready, you don’t ask for a frequency change.

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When they say contact twr when ready it kind of means your close enough to the runway and you don’t take up frequency space. It means when YOU are ready.

Since you only just now joined this community forum, has it occurred to you that maybe you just don’t know why you were reported because you don’t know the rules?

Please check your logs, and tell us the name of the controller, so we can tag him. He will then contact you via direct message.


Hi and welcome!
Your controller was most likely @Doonies . He will message you when he closes.

I have messaged you, @Thomas_Bakker. We can continue through PM.