Unfair new grading requirements?

Hello. I am a long time member of Infinite Flight and I have been flying for a very long time and I consider myself to be very experienced. I understand the need to increase the grade requirements due to the new update having new complex features, but there is one requirement that doesn’t seem fair to me. (See grade table attached).

It just doesn’t seem fair to me that the required landings per 90 days would be so high. Unfortunetly, I lead a busy life and 30 landings per 90 days is something that is likely unachievable for me. I’m just curious as to why this one stat has to be so high compared to the other ones. I have been on the expert sever for over 3 years and have never received a report or violation or ghosting. Clearly, I am an experienced player as the grade table lists. But now, simply because there are SIDS/STARS, this number has to be increased, and now I likely won’t be able to reach the expert server ever again???

I just spent two hours reading through the new user to guide to learn how to use the new features, and as I was going to set up my first flight I found this. As a long time paying customer for over 4 years, I am extreamly frustrated with this. The grade table has always been a little bit unbalanced but this is just extreme.

All I’m asking for is a little bit more balance in the grade tables, taking in to consideration how some people lead busy lives and can’t be flying that often, but are still quite experienced. That’s all I ask.

And maybe someone can help me warp my head around this, but I just don’t see how me going to go do 17 touch and goes right now to allow me access to the expert server will make the experience better for other users.

Anyways, if you have read all the way through this, I thank you so much for reading, and please do leave your replies if there is something fundamental I’ve misunderstood.


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Thanks for your post. Regarding this, a lot of users have complained about this, however I’m sure you have seen a lot of users also complain about how much Expert Server has degraded. As the devs said, they have made many improvements to help ensure a professional environment and make Expert Server just as good as it was in previous years. As you mentioned about the touch and go’s, yes these requirements would be easy to pass, however people tend to be lazy not trying to spark controversy, so upping the requirement may help Expert Server become more professional! The devs are doing it for us!


My theory is that these new requirements simulate a real world procedure where after a long absence, a pilot would need to consult a sim before being fully ready to fly again.

Check here:

Just do some Touch and GOs or short <1h sectors ;)

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It’s one landing per three days. In that light, it is really not very hard.


This isn’t the case at all. There has been post after post by users complaining about unprofessional behavior on the expert server. I agree that just because you have a higher landing count doesn’t necessarily mean someone will follow procedures, but this is the best the developers can do for now. That being said, I agree with the increase. This requirement is more than lenient. 90 days is three months, give or take. This is more than enough time to get landings in. If you’re less busy on one day, a half an hour doing pattern work can easily get you 1/3 of the requirement.

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You need 17 landing, which you can do in 20-30 mins max. Not an extremely hard thing to do.


I think the new grade system is much better but if you are falling behind on landings you can always go fly some patterns.


Yes what you are saying makes sense. In fact, I am used to having to do touch and goes before I can play on the expert server since I don’t fly often. The old requirement was about 10 I think, so I would usually just sit down for an hour and do them before I would go flying. Unfortunately the new requirement is 3x that amount and since I usually have the choice of flying my desktop sim (X-plane) with Vatsim or Infinite flight, I think with the new requirements I will be more incentivised to do an X-plane flight rather than IF, which is sad because I really did love this game and community. It is a niche within the niche of the entire flight sim community. I don’t know, I hope to be able to find a way to make it work because I do love this game and community.


I don’t understand how it could take an hour to do 10 touch and goes. It’s not very hard to knock out one per minute > 30 minutes, 30 landings.

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Well If I make them less relaistic then yes, I could do that.

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Sure, just knock them out on the casual server and then you can fly realistically on expert. :)

If you get on the xclub and do touch and gos you can get 17 landing in about 30min

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u can’t lie this is a real slap in the face to the grade 3s and up who where basically ghosted without warning from the ES smh…


Personally I wouldn’t call 1 landing every 3 days unfair.

The new requirements are built partially for this reason. The Expert Server is falling by the minute, and with the latest grade changes I believe this will be a fix for the foreseeable future, since many of us have complained about the quality of this Server recently. We want the people who have experience round us, the people who know well what they are doing, and the people that can professionally fly. All these 3 quotes to me, mean ‘Expert’. Training is the stage which a lot of you have been pushed back to. The Expert Server is a privilege to those who have gone through the effort to know the game well and play regularly. It will come and go, but it’s how you fly that affects it.

It’s not a win win situation. The grades stay as they are, and we complain about the quality, we bump up the grades, and then we complain about not meeting the requirements. 🤷‍♂️


30 landings in 90 days is very simple. As everyone has mentioned in this thread.

I do have an issue with comparing the reasoning behind the issue being to having to fly on XP. i know there are many in the community that take part in other sims, but that doesnt take away from the ability to have flights going. many fly on both. When MFS comes out, i’ll be flying on both for sure.


I did pattern work yesterday at KNRC and did 17 landings in 17 minutes. It’s not hard at all.

that’s not the right way to go abt it tho XD

What would be the right way, may I ask? 🙃

(Not sure if you’re referring to the grade or what I posted)

honestly if it was me all grade 3s and up would keep there stats and anyone lower unfortuantly would have to deal wit the new requirements

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Right but my point is, how does me doing 17 touch and goes really make the expert server that much better? The stats that are most important if you want to make the expert server better are total landing, flight time, experience, and violations/ghostings. The currency requirements just don’t make a lot of sense to me.

I apprecite everyone’s thoughtful comments and replies.

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