Unfair Ghosting / Report

Good evening IFATC.
I have just been unfairly Reported and kicked from the Expert Server by “Alex W”.
It occurred in EDDF, using callsign “LAN Ecuador 36 Heavy”.
I had spawned on a stand, filed my flight plan and called for Pushback. AlexW instructed me to “Hold Position”.
AlexW then instructed me to “Check Tutorials for assistance using ATC Instructions”.
At this point I realised that another Aircraft had spawned on my stand.
Then I got instantly Reported/ Ghosted for “Taxiing through others”.
At no point did I commence Pushback.

I feel this is an abuse of the Reporting Procedure as I didn’t violate any rules, and thus an unfair Report/Ghosting. Now I’m banned from the Expert Server for another week.

Please can a moderator look into getting this unfair Ghosting/Report removed?

Many Thanks
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Hi there you could kindly message the controller via a PM

PM @VVBA6 . He was your controller

Will do. Thanks Ash.

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This definitely seems like a ghost that was premature, especially the “check the forums” I see this command/request used more and more when what the player is doing is correct.