Unfair expert server ghosting

Hello dear Infinite Flight Team/Users

It’s another week with daily ATC schedules on the expert server and today on 22.01.2019 the theme is the Middle East, in particular Oman and the UAE. So of course I was doing another flight from OOMS to OMRK.
I was just filing my flight plan when ATC was said to close in two minutes. Then everything went on the UNICOM. I got the push back in with ATC before he left so I called out to the UNICOM saying I’m taxiing to RWY 08L and Holding Short of RWY 08L and then the Take Off. But as I was lining up ATC has come back and I have been reorted by that person operating ATC for “Entered a runway without permission”. The ATC operator who reported me was called “IFATC Flying High (Moderator)” and my name was "

Daniel" And my callsign was “Oman Air 17 38”.

Now I have to wait 7 days to get back online and that’s really unfair.
Is there anything you or I can do? He didnt even warn me with “you’re on an active airfield please contact OOMS ground (or tower).”

I hope that you can help me with this unfortunate problem.

Thank you for your time.

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Contact @anon66442947 to get it sorted out.


Runway 26 was in use


Did you get it sorted out?