Unfair blacklist

Hi guys I personally think that I have been unfairly blacklisted… is there anyway or anywhere that I can contact the IFARB to appeal. Thanks.


Hey there,

If you feel that you have been blacklisted unfairly, you may still contact the IFVARB (@IFVARB on the IFC.) However, in general, they don’t usually mess up blacklists, so while it’s unlikely that you’ll get un-blacklisted, they should be able to provide some clarification.

Good luck!

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I would have thought IFVARB give you a notification before listing you officially on the register.

If you feel its unfair in proportion to the offence made out, raise a direct complaint to @IFVARB.


Please check our official message in your inbox.

Thank you!

On behalf of the IFVARB Admin Team,

PS: We always send a notice after a blacklist decision.


See Thomas’ comment.