Unfair ATC violation

Bit confused I was doing everything I was told by ATC then got told to follow instructions which I was then got reported bit unfair

Now I’m on grade 2 for no reason how do I appeal this… I have evidence


Recommend reviewing Drummer’s topic:

There’s detailed instructions on how to proceed. Good luck ;)


Don’t worry I can’t even be bothered at this point too much of a process to sort the problem, subscription cancelled 👍😒

The appeals team is really great for things like these. The goal is to improve everyone’s experience through engaging and meaningful guidance to prevent future mishaps. It will benefit your time here, we want you to enjoy everything in the simulator, please don’t get discouraged. 😊


You’ll regret it if you do cancel your subscription. Appeal the violation, you’ve been given. Use the evidence. Don’t throw in the towel. 👍😀🇬🇧


I hear you, and I understand how frustrating a violation can be. I can tell you that controllers also get in trouble if they report unnecessarily. The appeals team reaches out to them, and if it happens too often, they get suspended. So, I’d recommend appealing or reaching out to the controller. Appealing takes about one minute of your time.

Probably would take a similar amount of time to appeal it as it took to make this topic. People are human, and they make mistakes.


Lord help me, i would do it too, but sometimes i just keep that subscription going. Bare the pain instead of reaorting to X-Plane or RFS

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Yup, the appeal team is really reactive and supportive, see how to deal with it here